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Rebel souls, deserters we are called

Chose a gun and threw away the sun

Now these towns, they all know our name

6-gun sound is our claim to fame

[url inspired graphic for hvnterdean]


Jensen at JIBcon 2014 [x]


Jensen at JIBcon 2014 [x]

'you know what, i'm sick of you telling me what to do' / 'you betrayed me'


My wife sent me two pictures, this was maybe 3 days ago. They’re in Los Angeles right now. And I was on set working. And it was… Oh, yeah, it was the premiere, it was Tuesday…..
….That one hurt. That one hurt, yeah. [x]

1.07 Hook Man

1.07 Hook Man

dean: quotes (2/3)

Sam + standing up to bullies


i’m constantly torn between wanting to watch new shows, re-watching old shows and attempting to have a life that doesn’t revolve around shows


I was inspired by this gif posted by cocks-cum [x] to create the second one.

Not even saying I think that’s true, or that I prefer Top!Sam (I am a fan of them switching fairly equally, but I personally prefer Top!Dean up until season 6.) but the comparison was just too much fun.